Balancing Preaching, Worship and Fellowship

  • Our Mission

    Bethel Baptist Church exists to preach and teach the Word of God, cultivate biblical discipleship, and spread the Gospel to all the earth.

    It is our hope and prayer that you will consider joining us for corporate worship very soon. Come and meet a local assembly centered on and growing in Christ.

  • Ministry-Minded

    We view ministry as an opportunity to faithfully serve others. By teaching biblical truth, children and adults can grow to better love and obey God. He is most pleased when we are faithful to Him.

    Please read below to learn more about our various meeting times, and pray about how you might join our efforts both at home and abroad.

  • The Great Commission

    By God's plan and provision, our local church is ministering around the world. The support of missionaries in Brazil, Peru, India and Mozambique has resulted in lost souls coming to faith in Christ.

    Won't you prayerfully consider how you might be involved in supporting the outreach of the gospel of Christ to all the nations?